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Modern AU: Kili loves taking pictures of his tough as nails, smart, gorgeous girlfriend.

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I really wanna do the this or that meme so send me an ask and make me choose between two things and ill gif what I pick.

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Give me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who cooks:
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: 
  • How many children do they have:
  • Who’s more dominate:
  • Favorite nonsexual activity:
  • Their favorite place to be together:
  • Any traditions:
  • Their “song”:
  • What they do for each other on holidays:
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon:
  • Where did they first meet:
  • Any pets:
  • What do they fight over:
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where:
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Dear Anders and Mitchell, my husband and I have little "rituals", for example, when we are brushing our teeth at the same time, he passes his free arm around my waist. He does it everytime and I would be sad if he stopped even if it's just a little thing. Do you have any little "rituals" like that ?


Anders: Every Tuesday he comes to my office to sit on the couch and read there the whole day or distract Dawn from her work with coffee and chats.

Mitchell: He leaves sticky notes for me on the bathroom mirror every time he has to leave earlier for work than me.

I drabbled :D

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a million ways to bleed - ero0chibi0chan 

I said one day I’d extend this, and I finally did.

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peachchild answered your post: inspired by bluebutterfly’s post I’m b…



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inspired by bluebutterfly’s post

I’m burning with curiosity

Tell me which of my stories you like the best? Which one the least? What would you like to read more of (pairing/sequel to..)?

a gifset based on peachchild's flawless fic, Straight on Till Morning because it is fantastic and I am a terrible friend who made her Christmas present severely late and missed her birthday

and the fic that I was originally supposed to give her a long time ago

Ta da!

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